Personalised Travel Planning

Do you need an extra hand to plan your trip from start to finish, get you the best deals and make a personalised itinerary with amazing insider tips?

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What's included in my travel planning services?

  • One hour Skype consultation with me to plan our your trip, understand your personal preferences, and make a schedule for you to experience all the things you want!
  • Arranging flights, accomodation, and transport according to your preferences (e.g. backpackers budget or comfort priority) with the best deals on the internet.
  • A fully detailed travel plan and iteniary in Excel with a rundown on different options for each day, your full journey and budget requirements

How much does it cost?

  • To keep my services accesible I allow clients to choose how much time they want me to put into their plan. It could be as simple as drafting out the perfect iteniary with all the best local attractions and activities you want to do - or planning the whole trip from start to finish!
  • My services start at $45 an hour and I do a package of 3 hours for $100. This includes everything from the Skype call, extensive travel research and your fully planned trip! I often save people hundreds of dollars in planning things properly and getting the best deals - so it's a worthwhile investment

Do you have anything for solo female travellers?

  • Being a solo female traveler myself, I understand the needs and requirements of solo travellers in choosing the right places, manging safety and keeping things on budget.
  • If you are looking to solo travel for the first time or simply step into an unknown country, I can help you get rid of a lot of unknown factors and plan your trip safely and effectively!

What extras do I get from you?

  • You can expect full 1-2-1 support from me in helping you make the dream trip of your lifetime. This means I'm available to contact outside of the Skype call if you need!
  • I will also give you a free template of my Master Travel Planning Excel sheet that you can use to plan future trips with my exact same methodology.