Your ultimate guide to Koh Phi Phi: everything you need to know

The Phi Phi Islands in the south of Thailand are some of the most stunningly beautiful islands I have come across in my life. And although it’s a hugely popular tourist destination, there are a number of ways you can turn this into your kind of experience. Scroll towards the subtitles below to find out more about those areas. And feel free to drop a comment here at any point if you have any questions or reach out on my contact form. 

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Accommodation :

Your experience of Phi Phi will depend very much on where you stay. Although Phi Phi has a reputation for being a party place, if you live on the quieter side of the island you can also find yourself in solitary paradise. The four main areas to stay in Koh Phi Phi include around Tonsai, Long Beach, the main market area, or resorts on the other side of the island towards the view point.

In Tonsai, you will find a string of hostels located along the beach. This is the main party area of the island. So don’t stay here unless you enjoy getting blasted by the distorted sounds of commercial EDM and drunken gap year students until the early hours of the morning. If you want to stay somewhere cheap and close to the parties, this is perfect for you. You can find hostels for as low as $7 a night. Tonsai also has a few resorts in the area which are quieter, though more expensive.

Tonsai: my most detested part of the island

Long Beach is located further down the coast from Tonsai, and is about half an hour’s walk through the market and then a small jungle patch. The coastline towards Long Beach has a number of resorts. They have their own little patches of beach and this is probably the most picturesque and secluded area of the island. You can even get your own tree-house bungalow in the middle of the forest. Prices here start at around THB 2000 a night. I stayed in Phi Phi for three weeks and every day, I would walk towards Long Beach, have breakfast in Viking Resort, go swimming in ocean there, and work on my laptop. Life was good.