How I take care of my hair whilst travelling continuously

Updated: Mar 22, 2020

When I talk about this, I’d like to put this whole thing under the umbrella term of – ‘vibration.’ Which is pretty much how I’d explain ANYTHING in life, and I feel like a large part of trying to achieve something is breaking down this concept into the tangible actions which purposefully alter it. Without going all metaphysical on you, let’s get straight into the details of how I manage good hair health on the road.

Back story – I’ve been travelling continuously for over 3 years now (the most I’ve lived in one single place at a stretch has been a month), and if you’re part of my Instagram tribe you’ll see that I generally keep in good health (touchwood). This includes my hair. Seeing as I get asked about this a lot, I’m sharing some key contributing factors here.

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At the very basic level, our body is only as good as what is put inside. Malnutrition is one of the biggest causes of issues like hair fall and weak hair. As a traveler it’s often hard to nourish myself and indeed I have faced some periods of malnourishment – for example, my B12 tends to drop.

Having said this, I’m MUCH better off than I would have been living in a city and eating unconsciously. Conscious. This is like the main keyword that underlies a lot of things I do. Being on the road pushes me to put the extra effort into eating healthy because I know I won’t have energy otherwise.

Eating healthy for me means a lot of fresh fruits, high quality produce, and filling proteins. I have days when I devour a whole pizza with a glass of wine but on the whole, I abstain from alcohol and anything that’s not proper nutrition. On the whole my breakfast is substantial and I get in at least 2 proper meals in a day.

And it’s not just about eating at health-food places, it’s also about listening to your body. Though I’m vegetarian I do consume animal products like dairy and eggs because I know my body asks for it. However, I do know that I do NOT need to kill animals to nourish myself, I recognize that animals have a right to live, and also know meat production is the biggest cause of deforestation and one of the largest causes of global warming. That’s something I would never touch.

Lastly, I don’t go on extreme diets. I’ve done raw vegan. I’ve done keto as a vegetarian. Let me tell you - they were extremely unhealthy. Raw vegan was one of the dumbest things I did. I agree with the ethical issues around dairy and so only consume from conscious sources (like local farms for example and NOT supermarkets). But I don’t follow any blind dogma because otherwise my nutrition and also my hair, would suffer.

I still have a lot of work to do on my own nutritional regularity but I feel nutrition is one of the biggest factors in being able to maintain decent hair and skin without doing a thing.

Hair products and hair-oil

Though I do save money on a lot of things one thing I can’t compromise on is the quality of my inputs be it food or things I apply on my body. This means I don’t use shampoo and conditioner than is standard supermarket Pantene; I tend to buy more expensive (expensive doesn’t mean always good though) products that have more of a natural base or even just completely natural products e.g. hemp-based. Basically I think about wha