How to get work done when you’re on the road

As a full time digital nomad, one of the biggest problems I face is managing to get things done whilst being constantly on the move. Whether I’m in a lazy beach town or a secluded nature reserve, I always have to find ways to discipline and motivate myself because there is no one around to hold me accountable. And though there are still many things lacking from my routine, I have still achieved a fairly stable workflow. Use my tried and tested life hacks to get things done and be productive on the road.

Spiti Road

Break it down, yo

The first thing you want to do, before you do anything, is to break down your whole life into easy to manage segments. It’s very difficult to prepare for a marathon if you don’t know how long the trail is and parts the trail is made up of.

When you are on the road, new and unexpected things are constantly demanding your attention, so without a clear work strategy in place in context of your overall goals, you can easily get carried away with the tide.

So first, split up all the areas of your life into broad categories and write them as titles in a Word Document.

For example, my categories are as follows :

  • Administration

  • Travel Website

  • Online Tutoring

  • Social Media

  • Personal Development &

  • Freelance Work

Then for each of these overall categories, make bullet points for the main things that need to be accomplished within them. For Travel Website, I included: write and upload all articles, edit and upload all photographs, edit and upload all videos, and technical work.

Now write down the particular steps you need to take for each bullet point. For “write and upload all arti