How I accidentally ended up travelling the world for 3 years

The Need For More

If you asked me in 2014 what I would being in five years, I’d only have one answer: I’d be studying for Ph.D. in Economics from one of the world’s best universities, spending most of the day glued behind a computer screen.

Well I expanded since then, and towards the end of my Master’s degree in 2015, I knew that all my academic success at that point was not the answer for me. And although I had thoroughly enjoyed academia, I knew that I hadn’t seen enough; I hadn’t done enough.

Warwick University (2014/15), one of the happiest times of my life.

During college, I tutored younger students in basic subject matter and during my Masters I started to delegate tutoring work to others, taking a small commission for connecting students with a tutor. I wanted to make this a full-fledged business, but it was simply too big for me to pursue on my own.

And things have a way of falling apart when they’re not actually on your true path. So at the end of my degree, I started to form different ideas about what to do. I was also applying to all the major consultancies and banks for graduate jobs, and even reached the final round of McKinsey in London.

Though I’ve left, London still remains my favourite big city in the world.

But at that point I started to lose interest, because my heart wasn’t fully into what I was doing. And my outside experience reflected that: for one reason or the other, things just seemed to go wrong even though it seemed perfect. So I dropped all my applications, enjoyed the UK for a bit, and took a one-way ticket to India.