A walk around Trebinje (Bosnia and Herzegovina): a photo blog

Trebinje is a small town in the south of Bosnia and Herzegovina, near the Croatian border. I came here from Dubrovnik in Croatia by car and it took me about 2 hours to reach (without border crossing traffic it can take as little as 30 minutes). But the landscape and vibration difference between the two was immense; of all the places I visited in Bosnia and Herzegovina, I think this was one of my favourite.

During my two days here I stayed in Apartment Katarina which is owned by a very homely Bosnian couple and they took care of me like their child. (More on my entire trip when I upload my YouTube videos). Here I’m going to take you through a little walk around Trebinje through my photographs. Have a good trip.

6:30 am

Trebinje has this really crisp, clean vibration which made me feel super enthusiastic about waking up early even though I’d had about 3 hours of sleep and a bottle of wine to myself. After getting ready, I walked out towards the main square in Trebinje. Here they have a huge local market with stalls that sell everything from local cheese to homemade cherry liquor. All the produce here is of amazingly good quality.

And after being in Croatia, which is quite touristy in many ways (though incredibly beautiful), this was a welcome change. The vendors at the stalls couldn’t really speak English and the variety of produce there was mind-blowing; this region is particularly known for the nutritional value of it’s food. Compared to Croatia it was super cheap, and I purchased about 5 huge packets of different herbs for tea for less than 5 Euros. I had the best time with myself just walking around this market taking photographs, talking to the vendors, and sampling food.

8:30 am

After the market, I then headed over towards some of the bridges to check out the river. If you were following my Instagram you’d know I was actually travelling barefoot this entire period. And so this entire time I was walking around without shoes and it was very freeing. Trebinje is really small, so it was nice just walking around on my intuitive feelings without knowing exactly where I was going.

One of the things about this little town is that is has such a sick reflection game. And in that early post-sunrise period, the water was so beautifully still it made me feel like I was walking around in a painting.

Another thing about Trebinje is that it’s surrounded by low lying mountains. If you’ve been to Himachal, you’d find it very similar to the areas around Kullu and quieter parts of Manali.

10:00 am

After taking a small stroll around the bridges, I then headed into the Old Town. Around the Balkan countries, most towns have something called an Old Town which is basically the original architecture or the part of the city that existed originally. The Old Town is a great place to eat, more so at night, and check out old buildings.

12:00 pm

During the day, there’s actually a lot of things you can do in Trebinje. You can go and check out the Town Of The Sun which is a town built by a guy called Draskovich who lives his own castle. You can see some panoramic views of the mountain here and he’s made a bunch of things inside his town that you can see.

Of course you can just walk around Trebinje and enjoy the environment, the small cafes, and the little roads which make this place so full of character.

5:00 pm

And when sunset approaches, there’s a great viewpoint of the entire town you can see on Crkvina Hill, with a monastery there as well. There’s also a lovely restaurant here overlooking the view, where you can chill whilst the sun sets.

7:00 pm

If you manage to get out before the sunset entirely sets, you should head towards the main bridge of Trebinje. The reflection is seriously dope here, and you can walk around the bridge as well. It’s called Arslanagica Bridge.

8:30 pm

Another thing that Trebinje is known for is it’s local wine, which supposedly has won many awards even more so than some Italian or French wine. This particular grape and the conditions it grows in here are supposedly unique, and after drinking this, I can attest to the fact it’s one of the most amazing things I’ve consumed in the form of alcohol. You can buy this local wine for relatively cheap in the local Vinska Gallerija, pictured below. It’s called Vukoje. The view from their restaurant is also pretty nice.

And by this time you probably want to head home. Trebinje is a peaceful village, so everything shuts pretty early. But the Old Town and the market area are fairly lively until around 11 or 12. Being a rather quiet person I just went around the river again after going to the Gallerija with my hosts. It always fascinates me how different a place looks in the very early morning and late at night.

Hope that you enjoyed this little photo-tour of Trebinje. Please subscribe to my YouTube for more videos on everywhere I’ve visited, my Instagram (@wanderingkamya) for daily updates, and of course subscribe here with your email to get notified when I post new articles! Much love.

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