3 days in Bangkok – everything you need to experience

Bangkok is arguably my FAVOURITE big city in South East Asia. Why? Well, it’s super cheap – you get literally anything that you could ask for, be it food or clothes or peaceful Buddhist temples. And it’s like a never-ending maze of exploration that still has me baffled at over 15 visits there. Whenever I land in Bangkok, it’s like this home feeling that I’ve lost. I’m originally from the UK and so SE Asia always feels foreign to me no matter how long I stay there. Somehow, Bangkok makes me feel at home. Top that up with the fact that people are, on the whole, super nice (Thailand is known as the land of smiles), and the weather is dope. What more could you even ask for?

So here’s my lowdown on what YOU can do in a quick trip to BKK. I’ve thrown in some suggestions if you’re there for a longer time period – and sensible connections if you’re planning out a whole trip to Thailand.

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Day 1: Shopping and Therapy

Whenever I land in BKK, it’s normally at some absurdly early hour in the morning. Or late the night before. I like to start my day early so that I can reach the shopping areas before the crowds come swarming in.

Though there are tons of awesome shopping options in Bangkok, my two favourites are Pratunam which is more local and the Siam area which is more upmarket, but between the two I find pretty much all that I need – be it clothes, food, electronics, or stuff that I’ve never seen before in my life!

9am: Pratunam Street Market

A lot of the street market vendors are open by 9am, and this is a good time to hit it up. The exact location of Pratunam market is pretty much the whole street area opposite Pratunam fashion mall. Check out the Google Maps point for this and walk around, as it’s best to explore this area on foot.

The street market in Pratunam is mostly clothes. Go here if you’re looking for cheap options – and be sure to haggle people down to a good price. A lot of the people here don’t bring down the price but if you’re buying multiple items, tell the shopkeeper beforehand to give you a good price! The best is to quote them a price you would pay, and try and bring them down by at least 100-200 THB.

I’ve gotten some super nice clothes from the street market, a bikini that fits me (really hard to find) in less than 10 GBP, and cool accessories.