Digital Nomad

Are you looking to kickstart your journey as a digital nomad and create a location-independent lifestyle that allows you to work from anywhere? Work with me to create your own personalized digital nomad strategy and action plan for you to get moving towards your vision and create the life you want. 

Need help in planning your dream trip?


Want To Become A Digital Nomad?

Can you help me become a digital nomad?

  • Yes! The number of people quitting their jobs and working online or switching to better lifestyles is increasing rapidly. I help you to form a concrete strategy based on your skill-set, strengths and resources to jumpstart your life as a digital nomad.
  • You could be starting off with an expertise in your field, or with no expertise whatsoever. There are so many avenues to choose from, so I help you define your path as a digital nomad and acheive it within a specific timeline.
  • I work with each person individually to craft their path with clearly defined action points to help them reach from A to B - without the confusion or uncertainty. Being a digital nomad involves a certain amount of risk and resilience, so I work on everything from developing an online income stream to internal work to acheive your goals.

How do your consultations work?

  • My consultations are held through Skype. I start with focused one hour Skype strategy sessions to define your path and give you a personalized week by week action plan - and I also do a monthly program with session every week for more focused support.
  • Along with the actual consultation, I also provide strategy documents for you to work on yourself, and your full digital nomad strategy outline with timelines and focused action points suited just for you.
  • I start off with a FREE consultation and chat to find out more about you and decide the best way forward - either a single focused consultation or a more personzlied program - it all depends on how much help you need and how badly you want to make it happen!

What if I have no idea where to start?

  • Whether you are already a freelancer or you have no idea where to being your digital nomad journey, the beauty of my consultations is that they are entirely unique to you!
  • If you are starting from scratch, I will help you make an action plan that is suited for your own personal strengths and interests - to work towards a lifestyle that truly makes you happy and gives you the freedom to live wherever you want.
  • I combine both the practical strategy along with personal development and introspection techniques to empower all aspects of your being to make a headway into becoming a full-tie digital nomad.

How is this personalised for my own journey?

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What are your prices for consultations and programs?

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